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Malwarebytes Anti Malware (MBAM) is a champion among malware remover software. But sometimes serious malware infection restricts anti malware to run scan and remove virus threats. That’s where you will need this second in command app called Malwarebytes Chameleon. This anti malware tool bypasses malicious programs and forcefully run mbam chameleons which ultimately cleans you PC. Chameleons is the best alternative to malwarebytes anti malware tool.

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Malwarebytes Chameleon Overview

malwarebytes chameleon

Once in a while every online user needs to download malwarebytes anti malware tool to remove malware from their Windows PC. But sometimes PC are infected so badly that even this superhero of PC cannot save your system. As there are some malware which literally stop malwarebytes from scan.

If that situation arises then you need to download malwarebytes chameleon. It’s the best malwarebytes alternative. Why Chameleon has so much importance and what is malwarebytes chameleon? It’s a tool which disguises Malwarebytes Anti Malware in a way to deceive active infection and stop it from detecting MBAM installed. Malwarebytes Chameleon technology download MBAM indirectly without leaking any lead to malware.

How to Run Malware bytes chameleon?

To run this app first download Malwarebytes Chameleon Windows 10 zip folder. Extract it’s file. You can also run malwarebytes from usb . You will notice that there are different files named as “firfox,” “iexplore,” “rundll32″or “svchost.” Basically these are all EXE files, you can run chameleon setup by clicking on it. The reason behind these strange files is to trick virus from stooping malware  remover to take action 

Click on any on these files to run malwarebytes chameleon, a MS-Dos window will open telling to press any key. Once you hit any key it will start Virus scanning but before it start that process it will check latest version of malwarebytes anti malware. If you have that anti malware tool already install that process then it will shift to the second step which is scanning and removing malware.

In case you don’t have malware remover software then it will download malwarebytes from www.malwarebytes/install itself. Without requiring further additional user input malwarebytes chameleon completes it’s task.

Once it completes process next chameleon malwarebytes open MBAM’s interface. Here you can run quick scan and remove malware infection from PC.

If Malwarebytes Chameleon Not Working in your PC. Then first run it’s setup through admin right. If that doesn;t work then you need to troubleshoot your PC.

In nutshell malwarebytes chameleon is a vital tool which you can use on any infected system. This malware app doesn’t clean your PC itself rather it’s injects malwarebytes anti malware tool in your PC for that purpose.

Malwarebytes chameleon download is easily to use. Probably the last stand for users who want to get rid of malware infection. Definitely worth a try it’s free and supports all Windows OS version. Malwarebytes chamelion software complete setup run on it’s own.

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